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O GOCË is an independent publication documenting the work and voices of Albanian women and non-binary creatives from the global diaspora.

Through the Kismet Issue, we meet numerous creatives carving out their own artistic lanes beyond cultural expectations and borders whilst also dealing with topics like identity, queerness, migration, mental health and misogyny.

This 144-page issue takes the format of three main themes:

Culture, Customs and Conversations
Female Synergy

Kismet (which translates to a predetermined course of events, one's destiny or faith in English) is commonly used in Albania and "represents the conscious surrender" to a certain goal, path or destination.

Half of the funds made from this issue will go to supporting domestic abuse victims in Kosovo and Albania.

Image of O GOCE Issue 2 – A Romantic State of Mind
O GOCE Issue 2 – A Romantic State of Mind
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